Galford Door Strip will help you prevent your house from insects, dust and unwanted noise from entering through a space between your door and the floor. The products came attached with adhesive tape which allow you an easy set up.

Door Seal

With a variety of choice for you to choose between a smooth, brush and a new released transparent type which will blend in smoothly. Very suitable for customer who does not want to clearly see the seal.


EPDM Door Seal

 For attache to close the space between the frame and door or window which not only prevent the insect, dust and rain from entering the house through the space, it also prevent the unwanted noised as well.

Furthermore, EPDM Door Seal also prevent the temperature from escaping the interior of the house which will help your air conditioning from consuming unnecessary electricity and even overwork

A range of selection of 2 choice

  • D Shape : suitable for the space of 3-5.5mm
  • P Shape : suitable for the space of 3-5mm



28 September 2017

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