PlumbCraft brand plumbing products from Waxman, USA, boast a wide range of plumbing specialties and supplies for DIY consumers' plumbing repairs. PlumbCraft offer a sound solution to solve the consumers plumbing problems with variety of products needed for plumbing repair and improvement, covering sink, and faucet repair, toilet repair, drain repair, Water supply repair, connection repair, hoses and pipe repair.

 Pop-up Stopper

An innovative design stopper provide watertight seal and convenient to use with just a push action to open and a push to close the flip top of the stopper without having to remove the stopper anymore.


 Basket Strainer

Fits most sink drain. It is made from stainless steel which made it durable and will not rust.The Derlin Plastic basket Strainer is resistant to detergent and soap.



 Aerator

Easy to install aerator provides adjustable water stream, either an even spray or a continuous stream flow of water, for convenient rinsing.

20 September 2017

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